About the ZZZ Life!

Hello, my name is Keem, a new mum of the most adorable triplets (Boy Girl Boy). I am a career woman by day and an entrepreneur by night and I love all things design and everything life.

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I started the ZZZ Life to share my story with the world. I guess no one goes from zero to three babies in one night without having tales to tell. It is my hope to still be my full authentic self and achieve all that has been destined for me. My life is one juggling act and I am constantly trying to find a meaningful balance.

Why the name ZZZ Life? Well, my babies are Zayn, Zahra and Zayd and since I’ll be sharing stories that have to do with our lives together, I decided to use the first letter of their names.

Zayn means Beloved, Friend, Light
Zahra means Beautiful, Flower, Radiant
Zayd means Superabundance, Increase, Growth

Come along and get to know us on this incredible journey called LIFE. Don’t forget to reach out even if it’s just to say hello. Welcome to The ZZZ Life!