My littlest one, Zayd may be developing bow legs. I am feeding all three the same thing so it’s not from food as he is the only one with this condition right now. I find myself constantly looking at his legs and wondering what reasons could be adduced to his legs protruding slightly outward from the knee. I hope these straighten out but as a mom I am worried. Zayd is strong, intense and probably the most agile of the three but for some inexplicable reasons his legs aren’t as straight as that of my other two. He is the smallest, the loudest crier; when he screams you are stopped in your tracks wondering if he fell, but it’s mostly about food or wanting attention. He is strong, fierce and sure knows what he wants.

We have loads of stories in all his 15+ months of being around. When the trio were born, Zayd stayed the longest at the NICU – a whole six incredulous weeks. This tiny being was at the intensive care but holds the record of staying the longest without a Brady attack – 13 days. The other two were having attacks due to their prematurity like every couple of days but he was so strong, so spirited despite being the smallest at birth – less than a kilogram. I remember they were fed, changed and checked every three hours round the clock. Once it was time for checks, he would give a loud cry and the whole unit would scramble toward him. He never waited for any alarm; he beat the alarm by a few seconds with his loud cry and did this every three hours, on the hour. His body clock came working strong from the beginning. Anyway, he is turning out to be a lovely, wonderful boy then these legs?! Oh God please.

Of course I have been researching bow legs in toddlers. From

Bowed legs are perfectly normal in children – especially at the beginning when they are learning to walk – but they can become a concern over time. Most children have bowed legs because of the position they occupied in the womb, but this normally corrects itself over time. As children develop better muscles in their legs and how to better stand and walk, their legs will normally straighten out.

This is giving me some succor at the moment but I keep thinking about what else I could do to prevent Blount’s disease, rickets, leg fractures and all that is out there. His bowed legs are just a bit but quite noticeable.

My trippers only started walking around 3 months ago when they turned one. He has become more steady in his walking and runs towards me now but I can’t stop thinking about those bow legs and what if… . We all know adults that have bowed out legs that probably started from when they were babies. I pray that does not happen in this case.

My mum believes it will all straighten out by 18 months to 3 years but right now I keep massaging those legs to shape with the specially concocted Zed Baby Oil. We are also feeding him more milk and eggs, fruits, purees and everything healthy and nutritious than usual and doing all I can to increase his calcium intake . Zayn and Zahra legs are all nice and straight but my Zaydie, Ohhh. I am thinking maybe there is a need for a separate meal plan or to fortify his food further. He has been taking smoothies, mashed food, vitamins than the rest two. Perhaps it’s time to establish it properly even though they tend to share their meals. We are doing just about anything and everything to make those legs nice and ready for sports. Or maybe I need to expose him more to direct sunlight to get Vitamin D. I want my boy to be able to play decent football, swim and take part in any sport and of course so that he does not have any deformity, physical or otherwise. God help us.

Recently I noticed he jumps up to dance once we put the TV on any music channel - HipTV, MTV, SoundCity and the rest; he is most definitely attracted to music and sound but most notably, the dancing actually straightens his legs. He dances like he is matching and his legs look better and less bowed doing this. We should make videos. Physical therapists will have a good explanation for this. We’ve all been dancing every evening now since I noticed that. We will take before and after photos and videos and share wonderful stories soon of how healthy meals, sunlight and a healthy dose of Burna Boy, Teni Natanaki and Mr. Real did wonders to my boy’s legs.

Will keep my fingers crossed. Moms, what are your experiences with bow legs in toddlers?