My trio are growing up and I am one happy mama right now. Even my gentle, little girl is crawling all over the place. I was getting a bit apprehensive because the boys were leaving her behind but she’s becoming one tough cookie too. Right now, boys are beginning to stand and almost walking. Oh Lord I thank you. When you have multiple babies that came at around 33 weeks and had to stay in NICU for weeks, there is always that fear that their development may be somewhat delayed but God is ultimately putting all my worries to rest. And now any music that comes up, they are always shaking their diapers and heads. This is quite interesting. We should start making videos soon.

It’s surreal watching this three grow, in as much as they were conceived at the same time, occupied the same womb at the same time and were birthed on the same day; everyone has his/her personality and time of doing things. The first baby, Zayn, the first to be delivered is always the first to achieve feats; the first to crawl, first to grow teeth and has the most weight and even wakes up before the other two. Followed closely by the Zahra and then, Zayd. I don’t know or understand the scientific explanation for this. I believe it has to do with their positioning in the womb and of course some genetics too will have a role to play. Will need some medics to explain things to me. The first twin leads in everything, followed by the second and in this case the third even though conception was together and birth was just minutes apart. The only thing that has happened differently was crawling. The third baby crawled before the second, but basically for every other thing, it’s usually the first baby, followed by second and then the third. There has to be an explanation for this, because they are very different babies that were born on the same day. While I do not expect them to achieve feats on same days, I am in awe as to why everything achieved mostly follows their birth order. God is indeed wonderful.

Anyway, birthday preparations have started in earnest. Everyone wants a big party for their 1 st year, I prefer something small and intimate, with cakes and a photo session. Thank God for these wonderful 365 days with these munchkins.