Having my trippers meant that I am constantly trying to get the best products for their use - the perfect hair oil to enable their hair grow out fine and uniformly; the ideal lotion to maintain that smooth, radiant baby skin despite the harsh weather; the most skin flattering bath soap, bubble bath and sanitizers to keep germs away. I am constantly in search the best baby wipes to keep things fresh and fragranced and then diapers. I have experimented with a myriad of brands, some little known just to get the best of the very best of these products.

I spend quality time trying researching formulas, growing on milk and semi solids to nourish and help with their overall growth and development. I have invested a decent number of hours reading reviews on baby gears – car seats, bassinets, and highchairs and so on. I am proud to say I am one smart buyer, also buying three of everything means there is no room for mistake. Only top of the range at the most reasonable price will do. We have thus decided to formulate our own plant powered baby skincare products. The goal is to be a complete baby products company with not just skin care but formula and semi solids, diapers, bottles, sippy cups and baby gears. That is our big, airy, audacious goal, and as they say if your goals don’t scare you…. .

Actually, our goal is quite scary. Taking on the likes of established global brands like Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno for baby care; Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark and Molfix for diapers; Abbott and Nestle for Baby formula; Avent, Tommy Tippee and Dr. Brown for feeding bottle and sippy cups; Graco, Fisher Price and 4moms for gears amongst several other companies doing wonderful things for babies over the years is no mean feat.

Zed Baby plans is a sky high, taaaall order but impossible is not in my dictionary any more. I think the only company doing something similar to what we want to do is Parent’s Choice, the Walmart owned brand for babies. Our immediate plan is to start with the skin care products and a lot of research is on going on the difference between organic, natural, botanical and how different these are from synthetic ingredients and most of all what really works for babies for now and the long term.

This lofty vision has once again exposed our fragile economy and the lack of an industrial base. During my research, I discovered Procter and Gamble were on the brink of closing their diaper factory for lack of patronage (Nigerians definitely prefer foreign made goods) and the harsh business environment that Nigeria is.

Ahhh! There are all those worries imminent in starting a new business - conducting credible research, production, packaging, branding, messaging, marketing, distribution, sales, building a community and of course finance; but as it is there is so much more to worry about. We remain unfazed.

Most of the research we do leads us to far flung places like China, Germany and India to produce some of these things. I am constantly wondering WHY we cannot or just do not make so many of these things In Nigeria, even sippy cups!!! We will do our best and be realistic in our expectation. God help us.

Of course my babies have been my guinea pig in all of these. I must say, they are taking it all very well. With the skin care, I see the difference in different compositions within a week or two of use on their skin. Remarkable! We hope to lovingly introduce the Zed Baby Skincare Products to you all before the end of the first half of next year - 2019. Also this will be a most philanthropic organisation with a lot of character. We hope to be able to use part of the profits to help other babies need. Don’t stop praying for us. Cheers and have a happy holiday.