I started potty training the trippers when they were a year old. As soon as I realized that we were going nowhere, we quickly abandoned ship with the hope of starting again at a later date when they would be older and more responsive to instructions. The time we hoped to start again was at 18 months as recommended by online experts. I started at the beginning of the month they celebrated their 18 month birthday. It has been a couple of months now and honestly, I doubt if we are making much progress. We started by placing them on the potty twice a day - mornings and evenings just before giving them their twice-a-day bath. These kids probably think the potty is some kind of toy; they just sit and play with the potty water. Yikes! Sometimes they simply throw tantrums till you get them off. And other times as soon as they are lifted off the potty, the urine then falls freely on the floor.

We increased the sitting–on-the-potty period to 5 times a day, morning and evening before bath and after every meal, meals are three times a day. They are almost 20 months now and I sincerely doubt things are getting better. Now, this is not a very easy process especially dealing with three babies. It takes at least two of us to get all three seated and staying on the potty. More often than not one wants to get up, the other one is playing with the water in the potty and the third is outrightly throwing mighty tantrums. On a good day, we need three persons to make this thing work calmly and effectively. In all our tireless efforts, these kids are not being receptive to the training just yet. They are clearly taking all the time in the world or perhaps there is something we are not doing right.

Maybe I am being apprehensive, maybe I am too anxious for them to get the message, maybe things just take longer than I anticipated but what I know is that by now I expect them to have a hold on their bowels however minimal. Or at least make a sign anytime they want to have a go but alas nothing just yet, a good part of our day is spent wiping floors and cleaning waste. Yuks!

I am going back to the drawing board, going to learn how this is going to work for all of us. I need to go watch all the videos and tricks necessary to get this sorted out once and for all, one thing is certain; we are not going back to diapers. Nooooo we are not! It is my hope that by the time they actually start school in September; all these will be well figured out. The plan is for them not to use diapers to school at all. I believe at 2 years of age, children should have gotten quite a grip on their bowels? Well, we shall see.

My everyday prayers:
Oh God of heaven and earth, let the trippers get the message I have been trying to impart on them for a while now.
I know they are little, but let their brains connect with what I have been saying and will still say and abide by this as soon as possible.
Oh God, make them understand and help them control these bowels in record time.
Heaven knows I am a clean freak, so I do not need a lengthy potty training period.
Let them all grasp and conform, not one or two but all three of them.
Let them comprehend all I have been saying and ALL other things I say as well.
Give all parents going through these and other issues some respite soon Oh Lord.

What are your experiences, mothers in the house?